Feb 27,2019

Vishwa is a young writer who feels pressurized at office and looks for a good storyline to be published. All of a sudden he comes across a lady whose conveying attitude interests him. What made Vishwa write her story. Who did he meet on his book journey and where did they end up with - forms the story.

Genre : Drama

Languages : Telugu

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Episode 1 Feb 28,2019

Vishwa..whose articles have been disapproved by the editor. Disappointed by this act he leaves the office. On his way he finds a bold lady whom he tries to catch up with. What's so interesting about her that Vishwa landed up at her place to talk to her ?

Episode 2 Feb 28,2019

Who knocked the door ? Why is Vishwa in a turmoil to withdraw from writing Niyathi's story ? What would be the reason ?

Episode 3 Feb 28,2019

Vishwa is shocked to witness Niyathi beating up a auto driver. How would Vishwa react to that !! What is Niyathi's story ?

Episode 4 Feb 28,2019

What happened after Niyathi decided to marry Kiran? Who is Goutham? Will Niyathi marry Kiran or will they call of their relationship?

Episode 5 Feb 28,2019

Is Vishwa interested in Niyathi, will he propose her? Will Niyathi be able to find out his feelings for her ? Will Vishwa be able complete writing Niyathi's story?

Episode 6 Feb 28,2019

Will Niyathi accept Vishwa's proposal? Will Vishwa be able to submit the book? Will Kiran be back in her life? What would be the end of her story?